28th- 30th march, scottish tattoo convention

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second session on Aileens geisha, we decided to jump in with some of the detailling on the kimono, as the fabrics are going to be the main feature here and we just couldn’t wait 🙂

David got some colour in his piece, just the lotus at the top to go, colour is up to me apparently, but nothing too wild. Ha!

the friday I was working at the edinburgh tattoo convention, which is the biggest day in the scottish tattoo scene. It’s in it’s fourth year now, and going from strength to strength, so i was looking forward to it.

I had Brian booked in for a session on his dragon sleeve, it was a nice piece to be working on, as it’s his second sleeve by me and as the new dragon sleeve was designed to compliment the original one, his tattoos have quite an impact now

here’s a picture someone else took of me and Brian

and photos i took of his sleeve

after Brian i tattooed Darrell, we are working on a japanese style eagle, which will form the top part of a backpiece. We had already outlined the piece, so today we worked on the colouring

I didn’t really take any photos of the convention, but people have been posting pictures on the convention facebook page, which is here

I did take a photo of one of our neighbours, because of his banner- but i didn’t ask him about his international activities….

the next day I had planned something a bit different, me and Nik were going to set up a still life and do some painting, instead of tattooing. When I’m busy working on a tattoo, people generally don’t approach me to chat, and i miss out on the social aspect of the convention, and if you are not careful, the whole convention just whizzes past and before you know it everyone is packed up and gone, and all you’ve done is work.

I thought that if i was only painting, i could stop and chat, wander away and socialise if i wanted, and generally have less pressure on me. (that’s not the way to make money, but hey)

So we did, and it was a really good day. I did get to chat to people a lot more, and had a look about the convention.
We set up a still life with a skull, a Boba fett helmet ( calculated move to get the geek vote) and a wine glass. Nik’s way of working is completely different from mine, but together we seemed to generate a fair bit of interest, so job done 🙂
I’m even going to have a short interview in Total Tattoo magazine, they took pictures of me with my palette and brushes, always good for the ego…

here’s is what I painted, and Nik’s piece

All in all, a great time was had. I enjoyed hosting three artists during the run up and the show, Dank henk, and the girls from Skullduggery tattoo in Belfast stayed with me and we had us a tattootastic time 🙂

  1. That boba fett would make a great t-shirt

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