25th + 26th march

Posted: 27/03/2014 in Uncategorized

Coco’s mexican day of the dead figures got some colour today, we are still working on the background and some detailling. the artwork is from a record cover by a singer called Holly Cook

I love Horiyoshi III’s artwork, and was pleased to be doing a sleeve based around one of his Heroes. We are adding Chrysanthemums as they are associated with the samurai and a devil-may-care attitude. The sleeve on the other side will have more feminine aspects.

In Glasgow the next day I forgot my camera, so I didn’t get a photo of the clouds I did on Jim’s leg piece. yes, the same leg piece that was apparently finished, but in actual fact may still have potential to grow… which it did 🙂

For the next piece I remembered that I could ask mark to take pictures with his phone, and send them to me. here they are, they are of the start of a buddha and lotus panel. There is some more colour, detailling and background to go on this one. Liam wanted the buddha to have flowing long hair, instead of the usual little round curls.

This weekend is the edinburgh tattoo convention, should be fun! I will be tattooing on the saturday, but on the sunday me and Nik will be painting, instead. We will set up a still life of sorts, and just spend the day observing and painting. It should be a more sociable thing to do than just sit with the head down working, and i hope to be able to do more chatting and maybe even wandering about the convention at times. Come by and say hi!


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