28th feb, tattoo tea party

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a of day of work at the studio and some photos from the tattoo tea party convention in manchester this blog..

before i left for manchester i had a day at the studio, tattooing some more on Chris’ sleeve, going over the miraculously healed patch of psoriasis. A couple of months ago there was a large rough and red patch of broken skin on his forearm, but he had UV treatment on it, and i couldn’t believe the difference that made. We had originally worked the design around it, but now we had some extra space in the design, so Chris chose a pictish stone piece.
The carvings are ancient pictish symbols, and the long line with the cross hatching is ogham, an old celtic script. Chris changed the writing that was originally on this particular stone to the ogham for ‘mother’- as his sleeve is about family and personal heritage and influences.
we also added some more leaves and shading to the side of the stone with the time we had left that day

david got some shading added to his sleeve

as did declan

The next day Nik and me got up before the crack of dawn to travel down to manchester to set up for the convention. My first appointment was scheduled for 1pm, so i had just enough time to get all my ducks in a row.

I was looking forward to seeing Emma again, she had asked me to do a couple of portraits for her a few years ago, and now she had had another wee boy, and wanted to add his portrait to the collection.

as you can see from the photo, it was pretty cold at the convention the first day, poor Emma was covered in goosebumps. Thankfully they got the temperature a bit better the next day.

I also did a geisha from my small collection of flash that i had brought with me, which i was chuffed about- although i wish i had had more time with it.
When working at a convention you just have to go with the flow

The next day i worked on Nik’s front piece a bit more, we got a few more of the survivors on the raft shaded

I met some new people, pete Oz who was working next to me was a sweetheart and his friend nathan turned out to be a major expert on and collector of japanese art! he already helped me find a particular book that i was looking for, it’s been out of print for a long time, but he had it on his laptop and emailed it to me- this guy is a proper gold mine of information, and i am glad to be his pal now 🙂

Pete tattooing, Nathan on his phone

An old convention friend of mine Wendy, was working on my other side

some crowd shots from the sunday, it was busy enough as you can see, not stowed out at any time, but ticking over.

the guy and his customer opposite me worked on the same piece for around 18 hours over the weekend, and got most of the colouring on her backpiece done. how they didn’t win best of show is a mystery to me

The two girls from manchest, Olivia and eleanor who are moving up to join us at tribe, were there and we spent time together- it feels like they are part of the family already!
Eleanor is my new apprentice, I’m sure you will be seeing her around in the next few weeks, either on the blog in the photos, or in person as she sits in on me working :).

  1. Alan Crawford says:

    Love your work x

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