21st + 22nd february

Posted: 25/02/2014 in Uncategorized

John’s flowers needed some colour (sorry about the bad photos, hope to get some better ones next time)

and other John’s owl is also getting some colour- and some detail- added.

Keira got the next instalment of her mermaid sleeve, today we added some of the golden oranges of the smaller koi, and some more blue in the water, i’s starting to take shape now

Kerr just has a short finishing session to go on his buddha half sleeve. The upper arm was done by another artist, so i went with the heavy greys in the background and bold punchy colour elements to make sure the new bit sort of matched the existing part.

Next week I’m off except for friday, and then it’s off to the manchester tattoo convention. I’ll be working there, and Nik will be helping out on the stall (if I’m lucky:) )
I am booked up for the saturday, but the sunday is still free. The plan is to offer some set designs that i would like to tattoo, so I have prepared some foo dogs, chinese good luck bats, flowers and some cute geishas.
Le’s see how that goes! This is a bit of an experiment for me, as I usually only do large pieces, but it could be a lot of fun!
The sort of work i usually do at the studio isn’t really suitable for working at conventions, where the pieces have to be finished in one sitting. So I haven’t bee working at too many conventions in the last few years, but now i have itchy feet again and need to find a way of making it work and be fun for me.
I will try the set designs for a couple of conventions and see how it feels, if I like it, I may see some of you in your home towns in the future 🙂


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