31st-4th february

Posted: 06/02/2014 in Uncategorized

i am having phone problems…my old phone -and therefore camera- has pretty much died an agonizing (for me) death and the ensuing ‘new phone switch over’ wasn’t as straightforward as i would have liked.
I will spare you the details of my tantrums and any f-word tally, and will just write about the pieces I still have photos for.

So, only two pieces have made it, luckily the rest are all work in progress, so they will pop up again at a later date.
here are two of the pieces I worked on in the last week:

Chris is working on a large phoenix down his back, the tail feathers will have blues and reds. We are going for a more muted colour range, as Chris’ skin is a bit darker than your average scotsman. The tone of Chris’ skin will harmonise all the other colours.

Shana wanted a nautilus to celebrate a new chapter in her life that will see her studying marine issues. All the best, Shana! 🙂

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