28th + 29th january

Posted: 30/01/2014 in Uncategorized

we have started a second sleeve on david, today we worked on the background some more

and we finished Gillian’s leg piece 🙂
it’s a yellow wagtail, with some plum blossoms, crab apples and some sort of acorns (not oak, i forget which ones they are now)
The thigh piece leads up from the wee athens owl and olives we did on her calf last time, all tied together with an art nouveau style of negative ornamentation and some fun colours, a collage of things that Gillian is into. I love this piece, bright and bold, with cute birds, what’s not to like!

another bright and bold piece is keira’s mermaid sleeve, it’s going to be colourful with lots of blues and warm colours like the pinks in the cherry blossoms, and oranges in the koi and mermaid. With keira’s pale white skin, this is really going to pop.

Jim is working on a leg piece, it started life as a picture of two tiger cubs to represent his daughters. But, as Jim said, you can’t just have two wee tiger cubs, they need a protector and somewhere to live, and before you know it, your leg is covered.
Fine by me 🙂
we are still working on the landscape and waterfall

  1. chickenasana says:

    Hello! I can attest to Keira’s mermaid sleeve “popping” already. I saw Keira in a cafe last weekend, never having met her previously, and had to catch her eye and compliment her on her ink. She graciously showed me the work in progress and told me about you and Tribe, as I mentioned that I’m planning a half-sleeve. The blues in Keira’s tattoo are stunning – even more so in real life. This is going to be a gorgeous finished piece.

    • morag66 says:

      Thank you! Maybe see you at the studio 🙂

      • chickenasana says:

        I think you will! I had a yoga class with another person who has some of your lovely work on her shoulders and arms. I’ve put a contact request through for Tribe 2, so hopefully will have a chance to meet and chat about what I’m hoping for.

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