24th + 25th january

Posted: 27/01/2014 in Uncategorized

ross’ phoenix is getting more colour, but in the course of adding colour the old piece has started really bugging him.
he has a large and dark piece on his upper arm from ages ago, which he decided not to laser off. It’s so big and dark that to laser it would have been a long drawn out chore, so we originally decided just to work the phoenix around it .
Now, however, Ross feels like the colour around it hasn’t helped to distract from it, rather it’s being shown up. I think one too many of his friends said something along the lines of ‘nice phoenix, but what the hell is that there?’.

so, plan B. I will collaborate with Roz the laser technician on this, i will have her laser the worst areas and try and spruce up the rest. I will remedy the shading and add some colours and decent linework, hopefully it will be less visible- or at least stand up to closer inspection a bit better.

A new piece for John- an owl with lots of little personal details. On the surface it seems quite traditional, like the old chest eagle with spread wings, but as before John  has used a traditional template to create his own thing.
I think it will become more obvious as we add colours, like the little heart made of forget-me-nots in the centre, and the detailling.

I had not seen Vic for years literally, he never came back for that last finishing session before life  got in the way of regular visits to the studio.
It’s never too late! we just popped some more blacks into the shadows here and there and refined some of the clouds, and added a spot of blue here and there.
I was going to say that I have never done a pink dragon before or since Vic’s piece, (colour chosen by his wee daughter ) but actually John with the new owl piece, above, has a fairly pink dragon on his arm- another of his ‘traditional with a twist’ pieces!

Kerr is a new-to-me customer, he already has a japanese half sleeve by another artist which I am adding on to now.
Kerr was after a nice big buddha with a bright and big lotus flower. The background is a dark, diffused shapes kind of extension of the upper section by another artist.

Colour to follow

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