conventions 2014

Posted: 23/01/2014 in Uncategorized

I have planned three conventions to work at this year:

Manchester, tattoo tea party 1- 2nd march

Edinburgh convention 29th-30th march

Belfast convention 25-25th may


I might add a couple further afield later on in the year, we will see.

I have been giving the convention scene a miss the last few years, mostly because I have been so busy at home, that packing up and going away seemed like too much of a distraction, but also because of the type of work that i do. All my piece s are large and involve a few sittings and quite a few hours of work, not really something that is feasible at a tattoo convention, where there is only limited time. I found that if i went to work at a convention, I was doing work that i normally wouldn’t do at home in the studio, which pretty much defeated the purpose of showcasing my work.

However, having a had a few years off the convention circuit, I do feel like i miss the whole thing a bit, and have thought about how I can make it work for me again. I have therefore put together some designs that I would enjoy tattooing, but are small enough to be completed in one sitting.

so, apart from the usual japanese flowers, foo dogs, hanya masks, etc, I have loved drawing a few cute geishas- sneak previews attached- and some animal like birds and cats.

If you would like to book an appointment for any of the conventions (apart from the edinburgh one which is booked up), get in touch with the studio and Roz will handle the requests 🙂




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