21st + 22nd january

Posted: 23/01/2014 in Uncategorized

we have started a second sleeve on Brian, ans as we were close to running out of time to outline the whole thing on his last appointment, the top part of it had just been roughly sketched in, So today we remedied that, and got some shading done to the background.
the head of the dragon is on Brian’s chest in case you were wondering!

Sarah waited longer than mos to get her first tattoo, but then she went for it 🙂
another session on this will finish this

Natalie struggles greatly with getting tattooed, so this has been slow in the making, but today we got a good section of blue done

Jude on the other hand sat ‘like a dead body’ (her words :)) for the start of this kitsune, a nine tailed fox from japanese mythology.
I had great fun with this piece, there is more detailling and colour to come, and then some cherry blossoms going up to her hip

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