10th -15th january

Posted: 17/01/2014 in Uncategorized

Billy has a fire dragon on one arm, and today we started a watery sleeve on his other arm. He already had a koi by another artist at the top of his arm, so we extended from there. There are runes and leaves scattered about the water, to tie it in with his back and shoulder pieces, which also feature them.

Kerry is a breast cancer survivour, and to celebrate, we did some cherry blossom branches and the breast cancer ribbon on her back. She didn’t think she could, but she sat like a trouper and we got the whole thing done in one!

some colour in his maple leaves for mark’s sleeve

and a)
some colour in Ross’ phoenix

some colour in David’s phoenix

and last but not least
the last of the colour in helak’s phoenix 🙂 Helak wanted her colour quite muted,( in stark contrast to her personality!)
I love phoenixes!

I had one more hour to do to james’ koi and flower sleeve, which was an addition to a dragon we did a couple of years ago.

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