3rd- 8th january 2014

Posted: 09/01/2014 in Uncategorized

the first tattoo of 2014 was this cute yellow wagtail, to go with Gillian’s Athens owl we did on her calf. Both birds are brought together with art nouveau-ish swirls and shapes, flowers and leaves. It’s going to be hard to photograph this one when it’s all done, as it wraps round her leg so much. maybe I’ll need to start looking into short video clips to show off pieces like this…

Brian had a mask shaped gap in his sleeve that we filled today, as well as adding some pink to his cherry blossoms. There are still a couple of larger flowers to do, which i think he would like to have rendered in black and grey.

The picture of lenin we did on Brad’s leg last time wasn’t completely healed yet, so we went below it and worked on the red flag

Apologies for the crap photo of the next one, I’ll try harder next time! We worked on the castle ruins at the top of Chris’ sleeve, and started on some northern lights above it, hard to see in this out of focus photo, though..

I had promised our Nik some work, so today we started on an epic piece all down his front.
The design is from a painting called The Raft of the Medusa, by Gericault, painted in 1818. it depicts the moment when the crew of a life raft adrift in the ocean, spots another ship on the horizon.
it’s a pretty grim story, and the painting is quite shocking, you can read more about it

we had to trim some of the dead bodies afloat on the raft off, and concentrated more on the section of the painting where there is life and hope. This still left us with the nice triangular shape of the action, which fit nicely into the gap left on Nik’s front by his other tattoos. I was specially chuffed with how the design fit around the nipple, it’s like Gericault painted it like this on purpose 😀

The for something quite different in character, the start of a mermaid sleeve, with lots of blues, it’s going to have some oranges and reds in it, too

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