10th + 11th december

Posted: 12/12/2013 in Uncategorized

Russel got his sleeve finished! 🙂

here’s russel..note the empty forearm…watch this space 😉

and a new sleeve for david! I’m showing you the drawing before i started tattooing, as it turns out these random looking scribbles are of interest! I was reluctant to post pictures of my preparatory freehand drawings, in case people are put off by how rough they look, but the feedback I have been getting is that they are interesting, so here goes.
another one of the ‘I know it looks a mess now, but it’s going to look great, trust me’ moments. just as well david trusts me 🙂

we outlined the sleeve and will get more of the shading done next time, and also a bit of maybe more muted colours, so that this sleeve doesn’t upstage the other arm, which is mostly black and grey.

Jim is working on a full leg piece, involving two tiger cubs to represent his daughters, and a big tiger watching over them

helak is so close to being done, one more sitting on this darker and more muted coloured phoenix


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