4th -7th december

Posted: 09/12/2013 in Uncategorized

I am in the process of helping barry with his backpiece. He trusted his tattooist before me to freehand a beautiful japanese scene with a samurai, koi, seascape, sunset, clouds etc, but noticed too far in that the artist was way out of his depth.
The crazy line work at the top of the piece is getting lasered by Roz, and I have tried to rescue the monster with the fish (still in progress).
I am also adding a land and sea scape at the bottom of the scene and will work my way up as the lasering continues.

Derek is getting his sleeve finished, today we added the last of the colour, although I’d like to give it the once over after it has all settled. We did the upper part of the sleeve a couple of years ago, and when there is a gap like that between section, I like to see how it all blends once it is healed.

Brian is starting on another epic journey, now that his blue- green dragon is done, we are adding another on the other side, this one will be in reds and oranges. Similar position to the blue one, but not a copy and with a few touches of it’s own.
again there are cover ups involved here, and by the time we are done, brian’s arms will have had a full make over πŸ™‚

we nearly ran out of time on this session, and I had to just sketch the lines as we went up from the elbow. I didn’t want to lose the drawing we had worked out and have to draw it on again next time.

Lindsay also got a cover up, it was only a small red devil, but that didn’t stop her going for nearly a full back piece πŸ™‚
I’ve still got some finishing to do on the roses, and I will be improving on the old horse tattoo at a later date, too.

Brad is working on a full leg of left wing political images, both of his legs in fact.
We have done anti war images and iconic propaganda/ art, pieces that have a personal meaning for Brad.
I find leg tattoos really interesting. It’s less ‘public’ skin than the arms, and i have observed that people often get more personal or quirky things on their legs, tattoos that can easily be hidden and don’t need to be explained to the general public.

today we added the beginning of an image of Vladimir Lenin with the red flag, there will be some of the crowd he is addressing.

Billy is getting a cover up of a grim reaper, we had done most of it last time, and today we were only fine tuning and adding some detail

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