26th + 27th november

Posted: 28/11/2013 in Uncategorized

First Chris of the day was in to get another instalment added to his sleeve…
the first bit was done in Thailand and i was asked to add a bit on to it. Now it needed to go all the way down to the wrist… what do i keep telling yas? just go the whole hog- you know you’ll want a full sleeve, anyway! 🙂

Second chris went for a full sleeve and now it’s finished
here’s his sleeve and the man himself!

Gillian only had a short session today, so we concentrated on the design we want to do, and less on the details. The gap in the middle of the piece is for a yellow wagtail, to complement the owl on the calf. The whole thing will have an art nouveau feel to it and plenty of colour

the next day i had two davids in, the first david is getting a full sleeve and chest piece done, today we designed and outlined it. It’s a phoenix on the upper arm and shoulder, and three roses and a chrysanthemum on the lower part

David number two is working on a piston in the skin piece, the broken piston shaft represents the struggle with- and his love of- fixing up old car engines.
there may be more gory detail to come on this, we are letting it settle like this for now

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