1st + 2nd november

Posted: 04/11/2013 in Uncategorized

simon is getting some colour in his flowers

and scott is getting a dragon on his other arm, to go with the koi sleeve he already has. there is a a gap, we left it because there will be a portrait of his daughter in there once we have the picture we need

the next day in Glasgow we had a full house! (It was so full, in fact, that i had to move downstairs and share simon’s room), 6 tattooists, the piercer and roz lasering, keeping maggie busy on reception. maybe it was a blessing in disguise for her that the weather was so bad, or there may have been more people stopping by  😀

I had one of those ‘odd coincidence’ days, where both my customers were getting half back pieces of a phoenix. And both wanted their phoenix in more muted, autumnal colours – mad!

First up was helik, a photographer originally from Brazil

and then Chris, who everyone thinks looks like some bloke off ‘made in chelsea’. I’m no expert, I’m afraid, so i had a look on google, and YES! Chris, you look like the guy Spencer!  🙂

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