16-19th October

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I thought I’d show you some photos of Hamburg, I’ll post some more of the studio, but here are a couple of my favourite places on the way to work. I always look forward to seeing the cakes in this cafe /bakery, they are amazing and always have a new theme every time I’m here. This is their spooky theme in time for Halloween 🙂

And I like this fruit and veg shop, they sell fresh juices, I pick one up every morning. The shopkeeper has a home painted picture of che Guevara on his
wall, next to one of his grandad

At work I had a Hamburg regular customer in, in fact she has been to Edinburgh to get her tattoo extended, as well, turns out we are working on quite a large piece! This one keeps growing 🙂
Martje is a surfer girls and likes flowers, shells, and tattoos that flow down her arm

Tine was after the first part of a pair of forearm tattoos. This one is a feather and the German word for ‘with wings’ in her own hand writing. The next one will be of a tree with the word for ‘with roots’.

And then for something completely different from my usual sort of work, marko had very clear ideas for his first tattoo ( 6 hrs on his chest!!) he wanted the two skulls and the girl to be like islands in a sea of water, but he didn’t really want the water to look like water, it was more about movement and energy. My job was to translate his ideas into something that I could tattoo, and luckily he was delighted with the result.
Personally I love the blue water/ energy lines, they are really expressive and fun in an arty kind of way, but I would have added some black or grey lines to the blue to visually tie the skulls and girl designs in a bit more. That’s purely my first impression, but I didn’t even mention it, as it wouldn’t have gone with the islands he was trying to create.
This is not something that would have been put my way back in Edinburgh, where I usually do mostly japanese styles, but it’s fun to step outside the box sometimes.

I had Thorsten in to get the last of his three quarter sleeve done, we added a bit of colour here and there and made the leaves a brighter green. That’s it done, can’t believe it! Things take a while longer when you are only in town to tattoo twice a year for a week, but we got there in the end. Thorsten did come over to Edinburgh once to speed things up, though

My last customer for this Hamburg trip was Doreen, she had some purple lilies on her back that she wanted me to extend over her shoulder. the purple lilies were a cover up, and they looked a bit dark and flat, so the idea was to go for something a bit brighter and to make the piece flow a bit better.
Doreen is planning a large Phoenix on her back, too, something we might start next time I’m back if she gets an appointment.

This visit I was working next to Louis, who is from Chile, a fun guy who is great company at work.

He tattoos and paints very patiently with lots of detail, in a Hispanic sort of tradition, here is one of his paintings… I don’t think I have seen a painting about the financial crisis before, brilliant!

Miez, who used to be the receptionist at jungbluth, is now the apprentice tattooist, it’s exciting and nerve racking for her in equal measures!

Here are the guys Stef, Chris and Louis fawning over an old gramophone they got their hands on 🙂

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