14th + 15th october

Posted: 16/10/2013 in Uncategorized

I’m back in Hamburg working at jungbluth studio, it’s alway good to see the lovely people here. In the meantime they have moved shop, and I had to get used to the new layout, but of course everyone is very helpful and kind, so not a problem.

My first customer was Klaus, I tattooed him last time I was here and now he wanted a background to his tattoos.
I hadn’t been the original artist meant to tattoo him last time, but there was a mix up and his artist wasn’t in town for another week…oops, lots of appointments needing rescheduled….and I was drafted in on my day off to help out.
We needed up doing some lines of music and text, and now there were some gaps that Klaus fancied having filled. It was a bit of a challenge to come up with something that would work, as the gaps were too big for just ‘ background filler’ and a bit too small for another design element to slot in. another issue was that the music and lettering is so fine, that they are easily swamped, so we had to find something that would tick all the boxes.
I had some ideas prepared, and klaus like the wing idea, and making it go underneath the lines of text and music, but in grey and not black, so that the writing wouldn’t disappear.
It looks darker fresh than it will healed, but we both liked the new addition, and I was pleased that we were able to do something quite dramatic in the end

I like a bit of drama, me 🙂

The pink tattoo is not by me

Hendrik had an existing tattoo that I had added to and fixed up in places, and last time he was in, we decided that the original colours from the old piece needed a bit of vamping up, to fit in with the newer bits. We did I that this time

Sorry about the shoddy photo

Karsten was interested in a pike tattoo on his forearm, we took our time finding and adapting a design that worked. I am now a bit of an expert on pikes! Test me 🙂

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