11th + 12th October

Posted: 13/10/2013 in Uncategorized

Tom requested a tattoo of kelp, to flow over his shoulder as a counter part to the octopus he has on his other shoulder. Kelp is blessed with a wonderfully decorative structure and you can have fun bending the fronds in any direction you like- i’m surprised not more people want kelp tattoos  😀

this is going to be shaded in black and grey, which will bring out the structure nicely

Ross got his flower half sleeve finished, lilies and thistles, I think this tattoo will grow and spread. Ross had that look in his eyes that make me think he is plotting more!

Aussie Bill update! We have finished the section around the knees, next we will tackle the thighs. There are dings and bashes in the black that happened during the healing, we will sort those battle scars out at a later date, in the meantime I quite like them. They speak of the epic journey Bill has been on to get this done

Brad’s (Picasso’s!) Guernica piece is complete! We love how this has come together, and how the long format of the painting works as a wrap around on the leg.

Harley’s sleeve is coming together, we are joining up the main elements with clouds and it makes a big difference to the overall look, now it’s starting to come together as a sleeve

Another finished piece!
William’s samurai/ demon and nasturtiums piece is complete 🙂

and William himself, just managed to remember to get a picture of him before he left, excuse the bandage!

I am leaving to go to hamburg for my biannual guest spot at Jungbluth studio, I’ll be working there for a week. They have properly crammed my diary full of appointments, for 6 days in a row, so I’m a bit apprehensive. Not being there when the appointments are booked for me leaves the door open for a whole host of misunderstandings. I hope it’s not too bad this time, because there is no time/ room to manoeuvre, should there be issues with the what they have booked for me.
The receptionist at Jungbluth are getting the hang of how I work now, so fingers crossed. I will keep the blogs coming


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