5th, 8th + 9th october

Posted: 10/10/2013 in Uncategorized

David’s half sleeve is finished  😀

and Steven is still a long way off, all the colour still to go in this phoenix and flower piece

Russell wants a black and grey sleeve of two kois and lots of splashing water, today we drew it on and got the outlines down

I had a couple of customers in who weren’t too keen on having their picture on the blog for the whole world to see, and that is of course absolutely fine! I am always honoured that customers let me use their picture, but of course if someone would rather not, I completely respect that, it’s not for everyone.

Dave is getting a specific piston design, in this case it represents a broken femur, which is more about the struggle to fix an engine than a broken bone. We spent a lot of time figuring out how this idea would best translate on the leg and where to position it. We got a bit done, but it’s still quite rough and unfinished looking- specially the top part of the piston, you’ll get the idea i hope

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