27th + 28th september

Posted: 03/10/2013 in Uncategorized

We are pretty much done with Rick’s peacock sleeve, one more quick finishing session to tie up any lose ends, and we are done.  😀

Harley had a large gap still in his sleeve design, and we thought a Foo would go nicely, one with a cub (that makes her a female). The foo cub has a bad attitude, it must get it from the mother! These aren’t your little cutesy foos..
hard to get a photo of the whole thing, but if you see harley around somewhere, feel free to grab his arm and have a good look. Tell him I said it was cool 🙂

Emma got her phoenix finished!

and Steve got more of his freeform patternwork, we are still putting colour in the bits that need it most, i.e. the cover up bits

I went to the London tattoo convention on sunday and had a couple of days down in the big smoke, while i was at it.

here are some photos of tattoo celebrities for all you tv show addicts out there- don’t say I’m not good to you  😀

Tim Hendricks

Dan Smith

The other bloke from Miami Ink

Chris garver

The day after the convention I went to the British museum with some friends

and made it my mission to photograph Chinese and Japanese lions and foo dogs, some early ones, some hard to make out ones, some angry ones… there are a lot! here’s my favourites

I’m off most of this week, and saturday’s blog will be included in next weeks one, so au revoir til next week!

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