20th + 21st September

Posted: 23/09/2013 in Uncategorized

chris wanted a sleeve that was a collage of sorts of some of his favourite things. He is a chef, and he wanted to include a chanterelle mushrooms and cloudberries, a tree to represent his family, two pigeons for his grand parents (who kept them) and a ruined castle wall from a specific spot up north ( I forget which one it is, next time!)
We started with the berries and mushrooms, from there the tree grows up and the castle is in the distance at the top.
I will research the pigeons better and prepare them for our next sitting, they are not just any old pigeons!  😀
There will be a background to the tree and more branches, this is just the beginning of course. The mushrooms and berries will be in colour, but the rest mostly in black and grey.
We are working around a patch of stubborn psoriasis which Chris is having treated at the moment, once it heals up, hopefully we can continue the design in that area. Until then it’s a no-no unfortunately.

Gerald is extending his backpiece down his backside, we are going for a hanya mask and more of the stylised waves we did on his back, with the mask getting coloured in reds.
Gerald is looking forward to the next person who insists on lifting his kilt, hehehe! They’ll get a fright

Dave is getting the last little gaps filled in on his post apocalyptic hell sleeve/ collage. We might be done here, just need to let it heal and see if anything else needs looking at.
Dave is a fan of the colour orange 🙂

And another phoenix backpiece! Helak is going to get this in vibrant but darker colours, to complement her Brazilian skin tone

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