11-14th september

Posted: 16/09/2013 in Uncategorized

Neil’s dragon is pretty much finished, apart from maybe a quick finishing session should it need it once it’s healed
Neil went for a vibrant yellow/orange/ red colour scheme for his dragon, set off with green whiskers and crest.

Neil and his tattoo 🙂

Gorgon got his raven finished

Rick is adding to his peacock tattoo, today we finished the black and grey and made a start on the cherry blossoms. The large flowers will be next time

Hayley got the background to his hanya mask done last time, and then went crawling around in the mud with backpacks and rifles strapped to he (he is a soldier), and this gave him problems with the healing. When he showed up this time, there were parts of what we did last time where the ink has disappeared and a fair bit of scabbing been troubling him. This we will have to let heal properly before we can touch it again. It’s the worst bit of healing i have seen in a long time, luckily he is not going on exercise for two weeks after today’s session.

And this is where the pictures thin out… I didn’t photograph he ongoing blackness that is Bill’s leg tattoo, I will post an update once we complete this section we are working on.
I FORGOT to photograph Brad’s Guernica piece, we have one more sitting left on it, so I will post pictures then.
I had a customer who would rather I didn’t post photos of her piece online, which is absolutely fine of course (don’t hesitate to let me know if you would rather I didn’t include your piece on my blog, no offence will be taken!)

but I do have a picture of Emma’s back, we are just about done with her phoenix, just a few flames left to go


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