3-7th September

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big fat blog today, last week was a bit hectic and I didn’t get round to catching up with my blog midweek as I usually like to do. So, this blog covers four working days, I did work an extra day on top of that, but it wasnt doing my usual work, so i wont include it here. Nik is away on holiday at the moment, so i went in an extra day to cover some of the tattoos he would normally do, lots of small pieces on nervous first timers  😆
The students are back in town and we are busy with requests for their fist, small tattoo, and it seems a bit churlish to turn them away when I am perfectly capable of doing it for them.
My usual clientèle is of the seasoned pro variety, and I tend to forget the terrible nerves people can suffer before their fist tattoo, and all the calming down that is required!

My week started of with an all day session with the lovely Mel, she wanted a mermaid on her leg. The reference material she brought in was quite varied, but two of the pieces seemed to me to work nicely together, so with a bit of tweaking and changing, we did a curled up mermaid with a mermaid skeleton rising up beside her.

I am in the middle of fixing up a backpiece that started out very rough, we are slowly putting some colour and shape back into it, but there is also some lasering required. I didn’t take a photo of it, I will let it take shape a bit before I present it, it really is a monumental task.

Steve is getting a cover up with a difference, this piece covers some old and lasered stuff dotted around his arm, we started on the colour today to disguise what was left of the blue and green ink that can’t be lasered, once he cover up is finished we will continue with the detailling in other places

Matt is also getting a cover up done, there was some old work getting lasered on his forearm, and now it was time to close that gap it had left in his sleeve by covering it with lilies. We had tattooed lilies all around the gap waiting for the lasering to do it’s job, so now it was time to get shot of that pesky patch.

Steven wanted to go for a sleeve and decided to take a full day session to start off with, talk about jumping in at the deep end!
it’s a phoenix with some flowers and a geisha. The phoenix represents his battle with cancer 7 years ago, the flowers (carnations, violets and thistles) are for his parents, and the geisha is loosely based on a picture of his wife. Japanese in style, but with a more personal meaning.
There will be colour through all of this, but for today we stuck to the linework and some basic shading.

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