30th + 31st august

Posted: 02/09/2013 in Uncategorized

Rick has decided to extend his half sleeve of a peacock we did a while ago, into a full sleeve with more clouds and big flowers. He likes it chunky and bold, with bright colours and lots of movement, so he’s come to the right person  😀

Winfried was after a tattoo of bamboo with cicadas hanging from it. Not just any old bamboo, but a painting by a chinese artist (who’s name escapes me), so I was carefully copying marks made with ink on paper and transferring them into the tattoo medium.
I could tell from my experience with ink and water colour that the artist had used only yellow and black to create the varying green tones, with a splash of red in the cicadas. This helped me with the tones, but I still kept getting completely lost in all the details and had to take a step back every now and again to find my spot again  😆

Harley only had a short session booked to get his sleeve of geisha, samurai and hanya mask, so we just filled in some of the background we had already outlined

Steven got some colour added, his foo dog is now finished and the lotus at the top is nearly done. One more short session to pull this all together, although he might decide that the part of his sleeve that was done by another artist now needs a bit of bolder colour to make it blend in with the new sections. Unfortunately there is a patch of stubborn psoriasis on Steven’s elbow that we just have to work around, maybe one day when it’s gone away we can fill the gap.

and Scott got his sleeve finished! Sorry about the shine on the photo, also I might get some more photos of this when he isnt just back from holiday and sporting a tan. Scot will be back in November to start his other sleeve, by then he should be the usual scottish blue-white colour and i can get some shots showing off his tattoo to it’s best advantage.

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