27th + 28th August

Posted: 29/08/2013 in Uncategorized

the edinburgh festival finished at the weekend there, and it never fails to surprise me how fast everyone disappears. How did they all manage to leave at once? You just get used to the place being mobbed all the time, so when the tourists all go, it can seem eerily quiet.
For the past month, when you looked out of the shop door from Tribe 1, the street has been teeming with people, the beer garden across the road has been jumping and the general noise levels have been up. When I got to work on tuesday the only person I saw was a guy sweeping up  😆 Edinburgh’s collective post festival hangover

Murray got a rose on his arm, as part of his collage of images dear to him

Emma is going for a large phoenix on her back, we got the lines and a little bit of basic shading done today this will be mostly in black and grey with colour in the flames

Charly got his nature sleeve finished! This piece has been a blast, Ive enjoyed all the wee creatures, chatting about them as they were tattooed on and watching it all come together.
Today’s little bats were the last critters to be finished, one of them is called Lil Drac, after the orphaned fruit bat, one of the most adorable creatures on youtube 😀


We took the photos outside, which is great for colours, but the lower part of the sleeve is annoyingly out of focus. Charly’s partner is good a photography, though, so hopefully I can wrangle some more professional shots for my portfolio

We have been through a couple of staff changes recently, In glasgow our receptionist and piercer Mark has started college; he has handed the reception reins over to Maggie, who was up until then only helping out occasionally.
Now she is the full time friendly face behind the counter, and mark comes in later in the day to do the piercing.
I think these photos illustrate the change that has taken place

Mark’s pencil cases

Maggie’s pencil case

Maggie used to work on reception at a hospital, she is super organised and knows her stuff. Apparently making appointments for consultants is even harder than keeping us tattooists happy   😆
And there’s probably nothing that anyone  can chuck at her from the other side of the counter that she hasn’t seen before, either!

In Edinburgh at Tribe 1 Roz has had her baby boy (Congratulations to Roz!!) and is now on maternity leave for a few weeks.
When she comes back she will only be doing her lasering, not reception anymore, so the job has gone to young Fraser. He has had experience working in tattoo studios before, so he knows what to do  😀

Tiddy, who used to help out on reception in Tribe 1, has finished her degree with flying colours and will soon be going on to do further studies abroad.

we will update the website with photos


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