21st + 23rd august

Posted: 23/08/2013 in Uncategorized

Jim was in a while ago and got a couple of cute tiger cubs, to represent his two daughters. it was always going to be a whole lower leg piece going around the calf, so today we added a tree and a water fall, or should i say the beginnings of it. there will be colour and more grey of course

and caroline got another bit added to her fox’s teaparty, this piece is so much fun, and sooo Caroline  😀

there is a wee Totoro in there, too, with the brolly

Declan is 18, and celebrating with a ….. sleeve and chest panel  😯
way to go, in at the deep end!

he sat for the whole outline today, it’s going to be colourful with a black and grey background

and Gillian got her lovely wee Athens owl finished. I’ve looked at plenty of pictures of this kind of owl since being asked to do this piece, and i defy anyone not to think that these are the cutest owls in the world. I want one  😀
Also, it this the first tattoo of olives anyone has ever seen? I don’t think I’ve ever done any!


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