6th + 7th August

Posted: 08/08/2013 in Uncategorized
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Sheena added a foxglove to her collection of ‘favourite things’  😀

Brian got the last of the colour added to his dragon, but now that it’s all complete, he thinks a bit more lasering in the wave on the forearm would really bring it all together, so Roz will be working on that.

In the meantime… I bring you Brian and his blue/green dragon 🙂

David is working on a Horiyoshi samurai warrior with a tiger. The samurai is in bright colours, bright against the black and grey tiger and background. The tiger still needs some shading, but we are getting there

Fiona is getting some old stars covered on her forearm, they had been lasered well to a light grey, so we were quite free to use colour over the top

Ryan got his black koi in blue water finished, in a nice reversal of the usual use of colour  😀
The effect is a lot more graphic and punchy


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