31st july- 3rd august

Posted: 05/08/2013 in Uncategorized

I had a great holiday, we were really lucky with the weather, perfect for enjoying time outdoors! really couldn’t have timed it better 🙂

Neil is getting a dragon sleeve, we are going for yellows and reds for the dragon, with some yet-to-be-decided colours for the flowers. sorry about the poor pictures

James is extending his dragon half sleeve by adding a koi at the bottom

Blair had a samurai tattoo done by another artists, and now wanted to work some kind of background around it to make it into a half sleeve.
I was a bit limited as to what I could do, as there was also some script placed in the gaps around the arm, but in the end we decided on swirling grey clouds

Bill is getting a lot of black in his leg pieces, and I’ve been skipping some of the updates, as we are just doing small sections often. However, now we have come to a point where we have completed the section around the knee, and it’s time for a photo!

Ian is getting a koi swimming up stream, it’s a cover up of an old piece which had been lasered a good bit to lighten it up. That was a great help, it meant that I could use greys to cover what was left of the old piece, rather than having to resort to something darker.

and then for something quite different, Steve wanted a piece by me that used the kind of flow I’m fond of, but without any of the concrete objects or creatures usually found in my pieces, like dragons or birds.
he likes paisley patterns, the shapes of wings and belly scales, but didn’t want any faces. I kept it abstract and two dimensional, but with the sweep and flow he likes. This piece will be very detailled and colourful

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