9th-12th july

Posted: 13/07/2013 in Uncategorized

Nikki is getting some colour in her phoenix, this is going to be vibrant in mostly orange and reds, with the odd bit of blues/ turquoise chucked in for contrast

Harley is getting the start of a japanese themed sleeve, including a geisha, a samurai and a hanya mask, all set in a background of clouds and wind bars.

He was in on tuesday and again on friday, he is hoping to get the sleeve completed asap, so he took a couple of cancellation slots that were going.

I prefer to outline the whole sleeve in a oner, but as he was in again so soon after the first session, i concentrated on the forearm, and working at the top of the composition at the next session.

Today we started with the geisha, the whole sleeve is going to be black and grey with the odd red accent

Neil is working on a dragon sleeve, we got most of the background shaded today

and Gordon is getting a beautiful raven on his chest, it was a mercifully short session we had booked today, the chest is a pretty painful place to get a lot of work done at once.

Harley’s second session was at the top of his arm, we started a samurai and hanya mask, all still in progress of course, but unusually for me I worked on the samurai maybe more than I usually would have at this stage, as the lower part of the arm was a bit of a no go area due to having been tattooed a couple of days ago.

Scott’s two koi got some shading, now here’s just the colour in the flowers…

and that, dear readers, is it from me for two weeks. Yes, two weeks, I’m on my summer holidays! Three days in France, but the rest of the time is a staycation in the garden. Or in my armchair with a book, if the weather doesn’t play nice. Rock’n’roll, me!



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