28th + 29th june

Posted: 01/07/2013 in Uncategorized

Sarah and Steven usually come to see me together, they book the whole day and get their work continued. Today Steven didn’t need as much time, so Sarah got more work done than him. This is because Steven’s sleeve is now finished  😀
A painting by Clive barker that Steven liked worked surprisingly well as a sleeve. We made a few adjustments to the composition to allow for the tapering of his arm, but apart from that it is pretty much a direct copy. I know this wont be everyone’s cuppa, but I love the impact this unusual piece has, and I enjoyed adapting tattooing to a  water colour style.

If you fancy seeing more of Clive barkers mad artwork, here;’s a link to his site

Sarah is getting some stars changed into stylised roses. She felt that back when she got her stars tattooed, she didn’t really give it enough thought, and now she was updating them. We will be working on a background for these roses, maybe a grey tone, but her and Steven are still considering the options.


In Glasgow the next day I continued with ian’s koi sleeve, it’s a cover up of some old and lasered work, and for now I’m putting in some dense greys to cover what’s left of the previous tattoo. Sometimes lasered pieces take a second pass to hold the ink well, so I can re-do any bits that look like they need it next time

and chris got his cover up finished, again I was glad of the opportunity to give the lasered bits a second pass

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