19th-23rd june

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Happy belated Solstice, dear people, where has this year gone??

David got the start of his dragon 1/2 sleeve done, lines today and we got a bit of colour in, too

Barry got the finishing touches on his sleeve, it’s been slow progress as barry lives in Dubai and can’t come in as often as we’d have liked. But now it’s done, and I can show you a photo of barry with his sleeve.
The sun in Dubai is messing with my colours, that bloody tan doesn’t show them off to their best advantage… maybe I can get another picture when he’s all peelywally like the rest of us!  😆

Another one to get his sleeve finished was dave, his phoenix came along in record time, and his skin is nice and white, so the colours glow.
I don’t want to sound like some horrible racist when I say that from a tattooist’s point of view, the white the skin the better for colourful work. This is from a purely artistic standpoint of course!!
I took some of Dave’s pictures outside as it was nice and sunny, and the colours really pop in the sunlight

More colour next, we added a bright red poppy into the black and grey ones, it’s a nice contrast

Brian is getting more done to his dragon, all of today’s session was taken up putting darker blue detail into the scales. Time consuming, but the effect is worth it, giving the dragon a kind of serpent like texture visually.
there will be yellows in the belly scales and crest.

Ross is working on a phoenix which is wrapping around some older work (not by me), and also we still had the last bit of colour to put in his dragon sleeve. One of the autumn leaves had been lasered a bit until recently, but now we reckoned it was light enough to take some colour, which was the last piece of the puzzle.

his dragon sleeve

And last but not least, Mark got the start of his koi and dragon sleeve and chest piece.
we managed to find some time to do a bit of shading after we finished the outlines

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