11th -14th june

Posted: 17/06/2013 in Uncategorized

Sheena is working on an ever evolving collection of images of her favourite things. Today we added these wee flowers and bumble bees. It’s quite a loose composition at the moment, but all that could change as Sheena keeps adding bits. It’s not the way I usually approach compositions, but in Sheena’s case, it just seems right in an organic kind of way  😀

Emma’s design for her sleeve is also unusual, not just the colours, ‘pomegranate’ and greys, but her idea to combine the rigidity of the seals and script with the soft waves in the background. he result is beautiful, and I’m posting a picture of her wearing it beautifully, now hat my work is done  😀

I also had another hour with Bill at the end of the day, we are filling in his skin with ink, leaving only thin lines cutting through it. And no, it’s not cover up work, it’s his first tattoo and it’s epic. we have loosely lined the bits that will remain white, but those gaps will be refined down to thin slithers.


Neil is after a dragon sleeve, today we got the outlines done

and jenny got her cherry tree finished. It was more about the gnarled tree than the blossoms in this tattoo

Chris is getting to end of his sleeve, just one hanya mask to finish and a couple of bits and pieces to tidy up, and he is done. (for now, there is talk of the other arm 😉 )

Gillian is after a piece hat will stretch from her calf up to her hip, and it’s to have a flowing, slightly art nouveau style feel to it. we have sketched in the general flow of the piece, but it will have shading and colour added and the lines will be chunky in places.
We started with this adorable wee owl, it’s an Athens owl, and this is about life size. Everyone at the studio was fawning over the picture of this owl, who would have thought an owl could be so cute?
yes, those are olives in the surround, sorry for the crappy out of focus photo

Mark’s backpiece is getting there, we added some blue to the water, this is to be a colourful and bright piece

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