21st+ 22nd may

Posted: 03/06/2013 in Uncategorized

Scott was in for another session on his two koi sleeve, we got some of the background shaded



i then did a scar cover up, but didn’t ask if it was ok to photograph it for the blog. Scars are quite personal, and if someone wants to cover theirs with a tattoo, it usually indicates that they don’t feel too good about it in the first place. The last thing they probably want is for me to plaster it all over the World Wide Web…

In Glasgow the next day I started a new piece, Jenny is getting a cherry tree in bloom on her side, it’s more about the knurled tree than the flowers for a change, delicate flowers are of minor importance for her.



Tusheru was in to get his dragon finished, he wanted a traditional Japanese one with red belly scales, but of course by the time it has been drawn and tattooed by me, it had a lot more 3D background and less of the traditional look to it. What can I say, Im not japanese ( neither is Tusheru) so we are free to do what we like 🙂




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