3rd + 4th May

Posted: 05/05/2013 in Uncategorized

Matt is in the process of getting poppies around his statue of St Margaret, we did a sleeve of lilies around St Andrew on the other arm, so together they will be a really different kind of scottish reference.

In Glasgow I’m starting a tag team effort with Roz to help Barry with his backpiece. This was meant to be a beautiful japanese samurai and Koi tattoo, but the tattooist decided to ‘put his spin on it’ and completely ruining it in the process.
My job today was to try and change this from a green monster camping it up with a chubby fish, to something more resembling a demon and a koi.
Roz is lasering the random lines in the background so that we can start again with something beautiful.
I only had a short session on this today, and didn’t get to put any colour in. However, some decent lines and shading is helping matters already.

Donald is halfway through a cover up, we are still getting a laser session done to lighten the bulldog a bit more, but then we are ready to go and colour the koi

stephanie had a lovely tree tattoo done a couple of weeks ago, and today we added some movement and grey shading to help the flow and narrative, and also to cover some residual shadow of a lasered piece in the background


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