30th april + 1st may

Posted: 02/05/2013 in Uncategorized

Claire is starting on a backpiece of a geisha in a snowy landscape. The image of the geisha is based on a photo of Claire, taken when she was in japan and dressed up as a geisha, how cool!
Today we just did the basic shape and colours, with more detail and depth to be added later. as you can probably see, there is a lasered tattoo underneath, so I’m approaching this in stages and layers, to see how the damaged skin reacts. Once an area of skin has been tattooed and then lasered a few times, it tends to be a bit thicker or more dense than originally, so the tattooing process can be a bit less predictable. In this case for example, i’ve put down a solid layer of blues for he kimono, and white and grey for the face. When this has healed, I’ll see how it takes, and then add more depth and detail to shape the form.

Andy was after a dragon on his chest,  it’s going to be in blues with red flames

the next day in Glasgow i had the lovely Caroline in again for some more work on her fox piece. We are now working on the japanese tea garden in the background

and Charly got some more done to his nature sleeve. this is an epic collage of beautiful beasties, including a character by the artist Andy Keyhole

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