26th + 27th april

Posted: 29/04/2013 in Uncategorized

susan had an old small floral piece that she wished to extend, we stayed with the floral and stylised swirls, also with the blue colour scheme, but went much bolder. another session on this to finish off the colour and possibly add more filigree work

Dave is in the process of getting his phoenix coloured in, this is going to be a bright and bold piece

Brad is getting Picasso’s Guernica on his leg, we outlined most of it at the tattoo convention, and today we started on the shading. It’s pretty confusing at this stage  😆

Neil got his sleeve pretty much finished, just one tidying up session to go

and kevin got some colours darkened on a piece we did a while ago, he was after some more drama than originally planned

I got some noisy protest from ‘some blog readers’ about not posting a photo of a topless, tattooed jason Stetham look-a-like on my last blog! I’m sorry for my forgetfulness. I hope to make it up to youse by posting this photo of jason Stetham pole dancing..
don’t say i don’t spoil you  😆

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