17th, 19th + 20th April

Posted: 22/04/2013 in Uncategorized

it was Marjory’s birthday and she treated herself to a nice lily on her shoulder, congratulations!  😀

and ian was in to get more colour popped into his skulls, roses and maple leaves sleeve. The skulls are specific evolutionary skulls, finishing in the present day human skull at the top. The maple leaves will be the last to be coloured, they will be in nice autumn shades.

Simon had a dragon sleeve started last time, today we shaded some of the background

and then another dragon in progress, Eric’s traditional one needed it’s scales finished before we move onto the background, and the red belly scales.

to break up the dragon fest, Carole Anne got a small cherry blossom branch on her lower back. This is done with an eye on possibly extending it up her side at a later date. As it was her first tattoo, Carole Anne wanted to test the waters with a smaller one first, but i think she will be back  😉

Back to the dragons, but Rebecca’s one is more of a fantasy dragon, with wings and more of a reptile body. It is climbing up her back, to protect her and look out for her. It’s also covering a smaller, much less significant tattoo, so it’s already doing a good job!

Lee is also covering up old tattoo work, and worse than that, some scarring incurred by bad lasering of said old tattoos. Let this be a lesson, kids, lasering should only be done by experienced and trained technicians, of course i recommend our very own Super Roz  😀

And finsihing off the week was caroline, we had started a new fox and rabbit having a tea party piece, (at the Edinburgh tattoo convention), and today we linked he new piece with her back piece via some clouds and blue sky. The rest of the rabbits and other party goers will be added next time, as will some landscape.

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