9th + 10th april

Posted: 11/04/2013 in Uncategorized

chris was booked in for a whole day to get a good chunk of his new sleeve done. We outlined a koi, chrysanthemum and hanya masks with water and cherry blossoms.
It’s going to be full colour and bright.

6 hours! Give the man a well deserved cheer!  😀

the next day in Weegieland I started another, but very different sleeve.
Charly loves wildlife, and his sleeve is to reflect this. he likes the idea of a dense collage of images that appeal to him, and isn’t adverse to a bit of random playing with scale and rendering. So a massive snake head rearing out of the undergrowth sits happily along side and image of ‘The Protector’ byt the artist Andy Keyhole.

this is going to be a lot of fun!

and Ryan of the ‘Snow Queen’ sleeve fame is back in for another sleeve. This time it’s more traditinal, a koi in water, but it wouldn’t be Ryan if it didn’t have a twist. The koi is black and the water is blue  😀
we only had two hours on this to make a start, but better than nothing of course

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