3rd-6th april

Posted: 07/04/2013 in Uncategorized

bumper blog- four days!

John is getting more work done to his octopus, we are getting there, but it’s far from finished, there is quite a bit of detail to go in this, then the background which will link it to the backpiece.
I’ve noticed with people who get backpieces, they seem to run out of steam when it reaches below the waist. John is feeling it more now, or his tolerance has dropped. He seems less pleased to see me and has been cancelling/rescheduling a bit more…I’m not taking it personally  😆

Chris is getting a new tattoo, he wanted a flower and swirl movement on his shoulder. We need another hour to finish this off. Poor Chris was feeling it today, too, he said it was more painful than the calf tattoo he got. Maybe I was extra heavy handed today… 😕 I didn’t think so, but if I was, I apologise to John and Chris!

grieg had another session on his balck and grey dragon, we are adding some hints of colour in the flowers, too
(lousy photos, sorry)

Ewan is getting a dragon, we made it fierce looking, I envision it helping Ewan in his job, fighting pirates in the Indian ocean!
I learned today that modern day pirates are no joke, ewan has some hair raising tales to tell..

If one of those pirates hurts a scale on my dragon, they will have me to contend with- raaahr!

Stuart is pretty much done with his half sleeve, but as there is a cover up involved, I will want to see it again once it’s all healed. Specially if there has been some lasering as there is in this case, the skin can be less inclined to take the ink and may need a second pass, so I wont count my chickens before they’ve hatched

Steph got a lovely tattoo to symbolise motherhood. It was her interpretation of giving wings to her children’s dreams, I love the sentiment behind her design, and the tattoo works well with the flow of her shoulder.
There is a small cover up still to come, it’s an old piece that has been lasered and will now just disappear underneath a light grey motion swirl

Julie got a commemorative tattoo, I didn’t ask too much about it, and Julie wasn’t in a mood to talk while we were tattooing. The spine is a particularly painful place, specially if you are as tiny as julie.
Sorry about the blurry photo

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