edinburgh tattoo convention 2013

Posted: 02/04/2013 in Uncategorized

I had been off for the week leading up to the convention, but on friday evening was ‘set up’, so we went to get our booths ready in the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. Myself, Alex and Brunella worked the show this year, and our booths were in a good position by the stage. Although it can be a bit noisy there, it’s a good position to be and we were happy with our placement. Nothing worse than being stuck in a room out of the way somewhere. There was in fact a second hall with artists working in it, but some people i spoke to didn’t even realise it was there when I mentioned it. When I walked through the second hall, it did seem quite a bit quieter than the main bit, glad we didn’t end up there.

Brunella, Nik and myself also had a small exhibition this year, we all did our versions of the 7 Deadly Sins and hung them in the art space. If you missed it, the paintings will most likely be hanging in the studio/s at some point, and we have prints of some of them for sale.

Speaking of things for sale, our new t shirt went down well, we sold quite a few to ‘non customers’ who just liked Brunella’s design  😀

I started the convention with a new piece on Brad, we are now working on Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ wrapping around his thigh. It was all line work, and I’ve just realised that I forgot to photograph it! Dammit, well, here’s a picture of the ‘Guernica’ in it’s original form for now, I’ll post an update when Brad is in next

Brian got some colour put in his dragon, that took us up to 7pm or so. It was Brian’s first convention, he didn’t really know what to expect. It was funny watching his reaction to it all, specially when the burlesque dancers came on, of course he got a good view of the nipple tassels from where he was sat
He said he was having a ‘surreal experience’

the next day i had a seasoned veteran of conventions in, nothing fazed Billy as we added some colour to his fantasy dragon

and the rest of the day I worked on a fox design for Caroline. This will be a half sleeve, it’s a fox and some rabbits having a japanese tea party. Of course  😀

Laura had some problems with the sink behind her, the back of her chair kept pushing the button for the taps and it would come gushing on, splashing all over the place and startling her, it was like her own little comedy show!

I didn’t really take any photos this year, excuse my laziness- if you’re interested go to their fb page, lots of people have posted on there I think.
I really enjoyed this year, it’s great having so many familiar faces around, and to see so much Tribe ink wandering about!

  1. William Potts says:

    Hi Morag… Thanks for another great session..I love what you have done with her (off course she’s a she lol) and the advice on colours etc. One more to go and we can start on the other sleeve.. 🙂

    Billy 🙂

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