22nd + 23rd march

Posted: 25/03/2013 in Uncategorized

Bruce got his tiger finished, we added a boa in the grass, too, it represents Bruce’s pet boa called Jonsey  😀

The tiger

the snake

the Bruce. You may recognise his face, he has appeared in this blog before, when we finished his dragon 1/2 sleeve

Dave got some shading done to the phoenix sleeve we outlined last time

the next day in Glasgow I continued with another phoenix, Kenny threw me a curve ball when he said he maybe didn’t want colour after all- he liked it black and grey. A bit hard to adjust what I’d done already to being black and grey, I would have approached it differently from the outset if it wasn’t going to be in colour.
He thought he might go for colour then, but more muted colours, nothing too bright. So we chose more purples and darker reds, with more of a burnt orange and muted yellows.

Rebecca wanted a fantasy style dragon climbing up her back to represent strength and protection, she has ongoing problems with her back, so this is to make her feel better about the situation. Tattoos can definitely do that!
We still need to add the tail, shadows and some detail

  1. magzmama says:

    Ridiculously beautiful work!!!

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