6th, 8th + 9th march

Posted: 11/03/2013 in Uncategorized

John’s octopus will have shading around and behind it, but this is how far we got with the colouring today, we have our work cut out with this piece!

and Mike got some finishing touches added to his roses. the roses are surrounding some work that Mike already had, he wanted to keep it and add to it.

Ian’s sunflower and koi piece is coming along

and matthew is starting on another sleeve. We did St Andrew surrounded by lilies on his other arm, and now we are doing St margaret surrounded by poppies. Both saints are from old statues

Chris had been lasered by Roz to lighten an old tattoo he had on his calf, and now it was time to get it covered. Chris opted for a koi and flower

leah got the start of a design by Mucha which she customised, we went for muted colours in this one. The shading around the face looks red and sore now, but will heal to a pale grey

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