22nd + 23rd february

Posted: 25/02/2013 in Uncategorized

this blog is a phoenix-athon! occasionally things happen in strange clusters, and this was a cluster of phoenixes. A casual viewer of this post could believe that all I do is phoenixes, but in fact i don’t really do that many. I love them, though, so if you are on here looking for inspiration for your next sleeve or leg or backpiece, may I suggest a phoenix? The year of the dragon is over, I think we can ignore the fact that it is now the year of the snake (officially) and between ourselves declare it the year of the phoenix  😀

I finished of Kevin’s phoenix

Kevin himself

and I started a new phoenix on dave. He wants a full sleeve in colour, and today we got the lines mostly done, some feathers still to finish lining. I really enjoy drawing these straight onto the skin, you can bend the tail feathers and wings anyway you please, make the wind blow around the joints and muscles of the arm, really animating the bird.

Another phoenix started in Glasgow the next day, Kenny wanted a half sleeve and didn’t mind if I went onto his shoulder, so I did  😀 . lots of fun bending the wings and tail feathers again, and trying to make this bird look different from the others. This one will be full colour again.

I also started a cover up. This was booked 6 months ago, with the understanding that he was to get some laser sessions done in the meantime to lighten it up. For some reason he only managed to get two laser sessions, I was expecting at least 4, and the old tattoo wasn’t faded enough yet. I drew on the new piece and lined it, but Donald will have to go back to get more lasering done before i will do the shading. In the meantime he will have to live with the two tattoos together.
It’s not the end of the world of course, but it’s not ideal, either. I think i will have to change my strategy and not book any tattoo time until I’ve seen the old piece a few laser sessions in, to gauge how it is progressing and what end result we can expect.

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