15th + 16th february

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On thursday i went to the national museum on Chamber street to see the Viking exhibition on there. There is a Viking skull on display, which shows that they carved lines into their teeth for decoration, how’s that for Body Modification? I tried to take a photo of it, but it’s not too clear, look closely at the front upper teeth, you can see a ridge right across from eye tooth to eye tooth. Nutters!
According to one eyewitness, the Vikings were also tattooed from ‘nail to neck’, but there remains no evidence of that. I do believe that decorating out bodies in a permanent way is somehow hard wired into our brains, most cultures seem to have a history of it.

The national museum also has some great japanese stuff. I discovered a massive bronze lantern that is covered in the most beautiful creatures, including a row of shishi/ foo dogs around the base. You don’t usually see these in a 3D form, so i was all over them like a rash, taking photos from all angles.
(When i finished I turned round to see two museum employees watching me with crossed arms,  maybe you aren’t meant to take photos? oops, too late, my camera was red hot)

My customer the next day was in to get a half sleeve, but mentioned that he might be interested in taking it down to a sleeve, with maybe a foo dog..
ding dong! I got my photos from the day before out, and we chose this cheeky chappy from the lantern 😆

adapted to fit his arm and the tattoo style of course, but there he is at the wrist, wrapping up to over the elbow.

the koi and sun at the top of Stephens arm was existing work by another artist, which we are adding to, as is the cross on the forearm.

Roddy is working on a polynesian style body suit, we started this a good few years ago and are slowly chipping away at it. This will be his last session before the summer, as Roddy is a motorcycle racer and will be busy until autumn now.

Neil got some colours put in his koi today, i took some terrible photos, sorry!
this is the best of a bad bunch

and melanie got her fairy piece finished. It’s a bit of a mixture of things, she had an unfinished fairy by another tattooist at the top of her back, and an old piece of tribal, also by another artist, at the bottom of her back. We joined he two up and added some colour to her fairy’s wings. Once it’s settled, we might decide that the fairy now needs some more shading, we will see

  1. Hutchero says:

    I spent a summer in Cameroon in 1997, the local Baka tribesmen filed their teeth to points, pretty damn scary to see em smile!

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