1st + 2nd february

Posted: 04/02/2013 in Uncategorized

A while ago Susan started on this whirlpool and flowers design, we just had the aster to finish and some bits of pink to add to the cherry blossoms.

Ross was in again, one last wee session to tidy things up and give the last maple leaf some colour. We’ve been sparing it out until now because it was still getting lasered. It needs a few more weeks to settle, and then we will be able to complete Ross’s sleeve.

Brad is working on a collage of revolutionary  propaganda images, today we just added some colour and a bit of script. The top of the leg will be an interpretation of Picasso’s Guernica, i’ve never seen that tattooed before, it’s going to be quite something!

Neil had been getting some old work lasered by Roz, and now it was time to get cracking on his sleeve. Underneath the new piece are the remains of a tribal piece and a Tazzy devil. I always feel a bit bad for the poor old tasmanian devil, when I obliterate his happy, silly wee face  😆
But there ya go, another one bites the dust!

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