29th + 30th January

Posted: 31/01/2013 in Uncategorized

I forgot to mention in the last blog, that i also tattooed Matt some more, he is in the process of getting lilies surrounding his St Andrew tattoo. Now we’ve come to a point where we have to wait for Roz to do a bit more lasering before we can complete the sleeve. That old piper has to go!


Mark got some more shading done to his backpiece, we are still fine tuning bits here and there, and now there is talk of bringing it round the sides a bit more. It’s a beast! (the tattoo, not Mark)

and Simon got the start of his sleeve, a dragon and clouds piece, with three big, no messin’ chrysanthemums. This is going to pop when it’s all coloured in 🙂

In Glasgow the next day I tattooed a piece by Alphonso Mucha, whose artwork I adore. Leah had customised the drawing a bit to put her personal touch on it, so it’s now a Mucha-inspired Leah original!
We still have some colours to go in this.

and Sean was in to get his sleeve finished. This started out life as a design taken from an antique, vietnamese opium pipe ,  which takes up most of the skin down to just below the elbow. later Sean decided he’d like it filled in a bit more, and went for clouds in the background. There are also a few little personal bits and pieces snuck into the piece here and there, making this sleeve a map of Sean’s life.

and Sean himself


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