25th + 26th january

Posted: 28/01/2013 in Uncategorized

stuart got a half sleeve started, it’s a cover up of an old piece, and roz has been lasering it. She can’t get rid of the colour blue, but lightening the lines a lot is much more important for cover up purposes. A patch of colour without an outline is a doddle to cover, specially if it’s with more colour; getting rid of black lines and writing is much harder, so that’s where the laser comes in handy.
Roz will continue to laser the old piece a bit, now that I’ve indicated where the new piece will go, she can just concentrate on the little bits that still need it. teamwork!

and darren got his sleeve finished! I’ll want him in for the usual last look at it once it’s all healed (in at least a month, to let it settle into the skin properly), and if any adjustments need done, I can do them then.

here he is!

and at the end of the day Jenny got a wee dragonfly added to her first one, it had become lonely..they also got some swirly patterns to fly about in 🙂


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