18th + 19th january

Posted: 19/01/2013 in Uncategorized

chris had got some japanese work done by another artist and had me add background and other bits and pieces to it, including this koi emerging out of the water. it was obviously modeled on the existing koi by the original artist, to keep the whole thing looking unified to a degree.
the yellow koi above was the original one, i just beefed up the colours a bit last time and added some waves.

and martyn got his dragon finished! just a follow up session to go to see how it all healed and works as a whole. I like to see things healed, ideally, to make sure it’s all settled in well

and vicky was after some calligraphy style cherry blossom branches on her side, this works well for her

the next day i has kenny in to get his lilies finished, well, finished for now. Again, I’d like to see it all healed and settled in to make any final adjustments. If I see anything at all that needs more work (specially around the elbow or top of the arm) i’ll do it, just out of badness more than anything else really    😈
That should make me badder than him http://www.kennyandersonboxer.co.uk

in just for a bad last session was Russel, his lilies are done now, Ive given them the once over


and Roddy is getting the next section of his polynesian suit started, we lined a bit today, ready for filling in next time


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