15th +16th January

Posted: 17/01/2013 in Uncategorized

Emma had a short session to finish off the colour on her sleeve, now we just have the grey to finish off in the waves behind the flowers, script and Tibetan seals. I love pinks and grey together, and the softness of the colours is matched by the flow of the designs- as unusual as this combination of designs is, it works really well.

Matt was in again, we did a statue of St Andrew on his forearm last week, luckily this was pretty much healed already, so we were able to continue with lilies going around it

I had another customer in that day, but she wasn’t into having her tattoo on the worldwide web, so of course I’m not posting it in here. This is completely fine by me, of course. In case anyone was wondering if their tattoo was automatically going on here, if that’s not cool by you, just sing out, I won’t be offended  😀

The next day in Glasgow I had Bruce in all day, we started on a half sleeve. Bruce has a traditional black and red dragon on his other arm, so he was wanting to go all out colour in this piece.
We are doing a nice big tiger, sloping down his arm so that the face is opposite the dragon’s face on the other arm. There will be a colourful, dense background, and in the foreground we are incorporating a boa constrictor in the grass, as Bruce has a pet boa.


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