11th + 12th january

Posted: 14/01/2013 in Uncategorized

David is getting a Horiyoshi warrior on his leg, and I’ve added a tiger and landscape/background. Unfortunately today’s photos were a bit ambitious with the old exposure time, and only two of them turned out…here’s half a tiger for you to check out  😳

Ross’s dragon got some colour, we’re going for grey in this one, with red belly scales. A bit of a twist on the black traditional scales

Mike is getting three roses added to some existing work (which isn’t by me), but we didn’t have enough time to finish and the top rose still needs work done to it

Danny’s koi piece, however, is finished.
It’s a cover up, which had been lasered, but you wouldn’t know it.

Danny was well chuffed to be shot of his old tattoo. The day before I watched Nik’s customer being ecstatic about getting an old piece fixed up. This begs the question, why wait? Got some old, poorly done rubbish on your arm? Embarrassed by your sectarian pish you got at 17? Sick of seeing a blurry Garfield the cat on your boob? Do something! You don’t have to live with it!

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